ARTechnologies, as a phase noise test set by the manufacturer, can offer you assistance with your to-be-calibrated or faulty equipment from other manufacturers. ARTechnologies was the AEROFLEX/Europtest subcontractor for customer on-site calibration. The Authorization Certificate for corrective maintenance and calibration n061501 of PN9000
and PN8000 test sets has been provided manufacturer.


We dispose of the necessary know-how (Ex- AEROFLEX/Europtest employees), instrument test benches, spare parts, structure and organization to continue servicing your PN9000 and PN8000 in terms of repair, maintenance and calibration. We carry out regular verification and ensure traceability with regards to national standards We can offer you annual service contracts..


All ARTechnologies calibrations are performed according to PN9000 and PN8000 manufacturer specifications. We provide before and after calibration test results and NFX 07-11 compliance calibration certificate. Minor repair is included. The usual turn-around time does not exceed 5 to 10 working days. Service can be performed in lab or on customer site.


ARTechnologies repairs your PN9000 and PN8000 to component level. This guarantees the most cost effective solution. We provide repair report and calibration test results. All repairs come with 3 months warranty We can provide a loan system during repair (upon request).



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