Product List

Phase Noise Analysers for R&D and Production:

  • Phase noise measurement becomes accessible,fast and easy
  • The VELOX-X80A series enables users to automatically and precisely measure phase noise in crystal and PLL sources as well as VCO's
  • The VELOX-X80A series, a 19-inch rack device,represents one of the most compact phase noise test sets on the market, with its internal PC architecture for simple data manipulation,exchange, networking, storage as well as print, whilst preserving the looks and sensations of a stand-alone instrument.
  • There are 2 models:
  • Phase Noise Analyser for VCO characterisation : VELOX-180A
  • Phase Noise Analyser for crystal and PLL sources: VELOX-280A


ART_Velox-180A.pdf ART_Velox-280A.pdf

ERM SERIES - Digital Synthetizer Module

Frequency synthesizer module ERM meets exactly the needs for DVB-T application from 400MHz up to 2GHz. Features:

  • Synchronization of the internal reference by an external 10MHz
  • Automatic switching between internal and sync mode
  • Pin indicating the status of module's reference
  • Filtering of external reference
  • Reference input and output
  • Read and write frequency by serial port
  • Built-in automatic test high accurate (standard compliance)


ERM7701G2S1.pdf ERM075900S1.pdf ERM430900S1.pdf